Learn the skills that make my former students $100/hr!

Lash Education

Classic Artistry Training

The foundation of lash artistry, this course is perfect for beginning your journey. No prerequisites are required for this training.

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Volume Artistry Training

Step up your lash skills with our volume artistry training. Volume artistry is an advanced technique and this course is for certified lash artists.

The Lash ICU

The Lash Intensive Care Unit is designed to help artists troubleshoot problem areas, give clarity where artists may be cloudy, and build motivation and confidence to lash. It’s one on one guidance developed to rehabilitate weak areas.

“Hey, Just letting you know, I’m so glad I invested in myself and did my course with you. Not only were you very nice but you did not hold back on anything. Spilled all the tea. I always wanted to do lash extensions but never wanted them to look flashy and your lashes looked very natural and flawless, so I knew I had to train with you. The class was amazing and you really took your time to make sure I understood everything. I was glad to know that when I left your class I was confident enough to start practicing right away. Best Lash Technician Teacher Ever!”

— Sierra Wilkinson of Si’s Designs

“I have been searching for the right person to pursue a lash course with. Kibibi was so patient and kind during my journey in her class. She is simply the best at what she does. If you are looking for a great teacher and lash tech, look no further. Keep up the great work. I will always recommend you every time. Thank you so much for your patience. You are highly appreciated.”

— Raquel Howard-Russell of Supreme Glam Beauty