Heyya, I’m Kibibi

… and I’m your girl for premium lash enhancements in Barbados. I specialize in tasteful lash extensions and jaw dropping lash lift transformations.

The truth is that hospitality is my first love. While I always had a vested interest in beauty, the career path I took was in Tourism & Hospitality. After pursuing my degree, working in Nantucket and giving hospitality in excess of 10 years of my life, I decided to take a lash course.

That lash course would be the beginning of Little Lady Lash Lounge, an amalgamation of my two loves – beauty and hospitality. From 2016 til present, I’ve never stopped giving this business all I’ve got. From training every year and becoming multi-certified to attending conferences and tradeshows, my main priority is to maintain this sharpened skillset that my clients love me for.

When I put down my tweezers, I put on my mom hat. I’m a boy mom and he is my why. He’s my everyday motivation. Mostly because, in his childlike innocence, he thinks I’m the most awesome person with the deepest pockets. Haha! He sees my passion, dedication and hard work and I want him to have that same tenacity towards his endeavors.

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